Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fresh Pretty from Designers Guild

Due to an unusually cool August here in Chicago, I am getting in the mood for Fall a tad early. That means getting all of my new catalogues in to enjoy over morning coffee. One of my favorites is the beautiful catalogue from Designers Guild. I just discovered they have a new free Fall catalogue so I made haste to order it. A few pictures below to tide me over until I get my hot little hands on my print copy!


  1. It is such an enormous treat to see these wonderful pictures! I am especially in love with the pink and blue bedrooms. I am currently designing my new room and need help with vanities/dressers. I just need some inspiration. I have been all over the internet trying to get a hold of pictures of old Parisian and/or 1800s/1940s vanities but no luck. I want it to be functional as well as pretty and whimsical. Pretty As Paris, I know this is asking a lot, but would you kindly do a post on beautiful vanities/dressers?


  2. Hi there Prisey! Thanks for the kind words. I really hope you can see this post. If not, I'll try you on Polyvore or your blog. Any who, The Paris Apartment blog/website is just what you need. Claudia Stausser, author of "The Paris Apartment" (great book!!!) is working on a vanity book project. Go to: and keep scrolling all the way down to the end to see lots of vanities! Also, click on some of her archived postings for lots of inspiration. Hope this helps! Tracie